Keramoti - Aegean gem of Northern Greece


 The sea in Keramoti is shallow and calm, the water is warm. The town is the nearest location to the world-famous Island of Thasos. A ferry departs to the island from the port on each hour, and you can find yourself there in 40 minutes. The resort is an extremely suitable place for a holiday for families with small children.



Double rooms

Hotel "Astoria" offers  16 standard rooms. All rooms are comfortably bright, modern furnished and equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, internet connection and a luxurious bathroom.

Price: 50


Price: 70

 Here you can escape from the noise of the big cities and dive into the serenity of the azure Aegean Sea, the incredible view to the picturesque Island of Thasos, the virgin nature, and the small grove of Mediterranean pine trees. You can also eat fresh fish in some of the lovely small taverns.
 Keramoti – the pretty town with the most beautiful beaches in Northern Greece offers warm emotions and unforgettable summer moments. It started as a fishing village at the beginning of the last century and now it has turned into a famous resort with several small hotels and a lot of holiday apartments.